OP Papírna 

With 3 paper machines and pulp production from annual fibers, our Czech mill specializes in manufacturing both thinprint and tobacco related papers. OP Papírna has a long history of meeting the needs of its customers with tailor-made solutions. While OP Papírna is pre-eminent in its domestic and neighboring markets, the company has rapidly built a strong international reputation for quality and service; more than 95% of its products are delivered worldwide.

The company was completely restructured during the 1990s and has invested in the latest R&D facilities to continually improve our know-how in all our businesses.
OP Papírna’s particular strength lies in uncoated thinprint paper and medical leaflets as well as being a specialist in manufacturing of machine and handmade cigarette papers. The pulp made of annual fibers like Flax, Hemp and Sisal is applied to tobacco-, food- and technological-papers.

Thanks to our newly revised techniques and long manufacturing experience, we can offer our customers the very best service and products in this industry.

Environmental aspects are of prime importance for us and quality systems are ISO certified. Raw materials are responsibly sourced. 



OP Papírna, s.r.o.
Olšany 18 / CZ-78962 Olšany
tel +420 583 384-501
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