thinprint paper

Think of the best medium for nonverbal communication and it will be paper. It is more reliable than modern technology.
No rebooting, no charging - just 100% natural!

delfort is a leading supplier of thinprint paper and supplies standard and tailor-made quality products combined
with outstanding service.

Our most well-known mills, Tervakoski, OP PapĂ­rna and Feurstein, are all historically respected and valued paper makers.
We know that specialisation and tailor-made products are the key to success. Consequently, our product range is subject to continuous development in line with changing customer needs. State-of-the-art paper machines at all locations enable us to be leaders of technical innovation.

Our thinprint paper products are of unique quality, both in brightness and opacity. Our coated and uncoated, wood free paper ensures that maximum yield is achieved, saving you time and money. Constant innovation and service gives us an edge, which we wish to share with you. Contact one of several T.S.P. offices worldwide to experience the ultimate in thinprint paper technology.

delfortgroup achieves the EU Ecolabel

for select grades of thinprint paper manufactured at Tervakoski Oy.
The EU Ecolabel proves the ecological technology leadership of delfortgroup thinprint papers and its position as a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental paper solutions by achieving the label of environmental excellence.