reporting - overview

corporate governance at delfort

delfort is a privately owned company.  delfort’s healthy financial position is facilitated by internal governance processes to ensure a structured and timely approach to managing day-to-day operational issues, managing finance and developing strategies.


The Board of Directors develops our business strategy and reviews our performance. The Board of Directors is also responsible for financial administration and ensures that there is satisfactory control of the company’s compliance with laws and other regulations that apply to operating the company. They are the highest decision-making body in the company structure and are responsible, together with the general managers, for our sustainable development and environmental obligations. Corporate departments independently manage matters of legal procedures, finance, industry, corporate governance and sustainability, with sustainability initiatives and strategies developed in consultation with board members.
At each European location, our employees are represented by the works council with local collective bargaining agreements and on any topic concerning employees’ interests and rights. In Vietnam and the United States delfort works together with workers’ unions.